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Garden Hose Nozzle Heavy Duty 8-Way High Pressure Sprayer Water Hose Nozzle Hand Sprayer With Convenient Grip

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Why This 8 Pattern Hose Nozzle Is The #1 Choice Of Every Gardener:

•It allows you to control the flow of the water with ease. With 8 different patterns, it can fulfill all your watering needs!
•Flat, Cone, Soaker, Full, Angle, Shower, Mist, Center,
•It doesn't break or leak. And it is designed to exceed your highest expectations.
•It won't fall apart after just 2 weeks of use. It's constructed to be extremely durable while also being practical to use.
•Holes are drilled with precision to ensure optimal use. This amazing hose nozzle is perfect for any watering function around the home.
•Its rubber made grip allows for a secure hold - Usability at its finest.

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