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GrowGreen Hose Hanger

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  • HEAVY DUTY WALL MOUNTED GARDEN HOSE REEL- Get organized with this easy to use wall mounted hose reel! Just wind up your hose when your done and hook the nozzle in place!
  • EASY TO INSTALL- Simply mount the garden hose hanger on a hook or nail and its ready to use!
  • QUALITY PLASTIC CONSTRUCTION- Never worry about rust, our hose hanger is made from high quality plastic that wont warp or bend out of shape!
  • NOZZLE HOOK- Our garden hose hanger comes with an indentation so the nozzle can be stored right there, attached to the hose.
  • LARGE CAPACITY- The GrowGreen hose reel can fit up to 150 ft hose! Done with your hose? Wind it up neatly for next time!

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